Growing A Vegan

Raising a vegan family.

Just Showing Off…

… how precious my little boy is.


My Husband…

… is the greatest. He’s taken great care of us for those all-important two weeks postpartum. He helped Jonah breastfeed the first few times when my arms were too weak from the birth to support him. He prepared or provided every meal (and I’m down 20+ lbs from my heaviest while having been totally satisfied). He fed the dogs the whole time too (which is a bigger chore than in most households). He kept up with laundry and didn’t completely destroy the kitchen. He slept on the couch to give us space. When Jonah had a couple of rough nights, and my nipples desperately needed a break, he put up with the crying long enough to get me a few hours of sleep. He was even ready to help however I needed when I started gushing blood one morning.

So if you have a baby, expect nothing less from your significant other. It’s going to be interesting learning to get along without him (although he’s still planning my meals).

Thank you, Mitch!

(Also thanks to Jim and Mary for helping take care of our dogs while we were at the hospital, my wife Megan and her husband for coming over with chickpea curry and doing a little cleaning, and Mitch’s mom for giving Toby some much needed walks!)

Jonah’s Birth Story

It’s a long one.

As you know, we’ve been doing all our prenatal care at Breath of Life in preparation for a natural birth. There are so many reasons to choose to birth this way, but like I said, this was a long process. Sometimes things change.

I started feeling very mild contractions around 1 AM on the 15th. When they came, they were regular, but they would taper off for awhile too. At any rate, it was clear that I would not get much sleep, if only for the excitement that something was finally happening. When Mitch got up to use the bathroom around 6 AM, I filled him in, and he joined me on the couch to play the waiting game (or in his case, video games).

We hung out Wednesday just watching things progress. We informed the important people that it looked like things were getting started. Unfortunately, this convinced my mom there would be a baby any minute. Sorry, Mom.

We decided to pass some time by going to get some last minute items at Babies R’ Us. We got a diaper pail, some bottles, and cabinet locks. There was only one contraction during our time there, so we drove over to the mall to kill some more time. I texted some with our doula Melissa to keep her informed. We walked around, and Mitch even put up with seeing The Vow with me. At that point, we figured we would head home and keep waiting.

Around midnight or so, I noticed that contractions were more intense and regular. I took a bath to see if that changed anything, and if anything they seemed to become more frequent. I talked to Mitch, Melissa, and our midwife, and shortly after 2 AM, we were headed to the birthing center.

We arrived around 3 AM and Chris checked me out. I was still in early labor at about 3 cm, but since we now live a good distance away from the center, we opted to stay there. I tried to get some sleep in the glider with a heating pad on my back, and Mitch slept in the bed. I decided a shower would provide some relief, and around 7 AM that’s where my water broke.

The hours went by. The contractions came and came and CAME. I spent some time in the tub. The first time definitely relieved some pain and lifted my spirits, but it was still a long uphill battle. I paced. I texted my wife that labor sucks. I laid in the bed. I rocked on a birthing ball. I got back in the shower. Eventually I got back in the tub. I spent a lot of time there this time. I started to realize that I may not be able to handle much more. Of course, everyone tried to reassure me that I could, but I was pretty sure I knew my body.

Around 4 PM, Chris had me get out of the tub and onto the bed. In between switching sides, she checked me again, and I was only at 6 or 7 cm. At that point, she told me that I could stay there and keep working, but it was okay if I wanted to transfer to the hospital as well. They gave Mitch and me some privacy, but I knew that I wanted to go. I needed to go.

We gathered our things and got in the car. It just so happened to be rush hour and it seemed like we hit every red light possible, but we arrived at St. Pete General around 6 PM. Even though it seemed like forever at the time, we were in a room and admitted pretty quickly. Most importantly, the epidural came quickly as well.

At that point, things get a little blurry for awhile. When the doctor arrived, I was still only barely 7 cm. She was skeptical that I would get out without a C-section. I was put on pitocin and helped to my side. Time passed, and the doctor checked again; still not much change. She asked to put in a catheter to monitor the strength of the contractions. She was worried that I was actually farther along than Breath of Life estimated because my 20-week ultrasound estimated my due date to be January 29th, not February 13th. I really didn’t want the monitor because of how uncomfortable the foley had been (I made her take it out). I caved though and confirmed two things: 1) My epidural was not really working right. 2) The catheter was a mistake because after two (painful) tries, they couldn’t even get it to work.

At this point the pain was once again terrible, and I was so tired. The nurse gave me something while we waited for the anesthesiologist to return. In my memory, it didn’t actually kick in until he gave me something extra as well, but Mitch says I got a little loopy. Either way, I finally had some peace. I got a little rest, although the pressure was mounting. At some point, the pushing instinct kicked in, so they did another check. I was almost there, about 9.75 cm. The nurse tried one push to see if I could get past it, but no luck. They gave me some more time during which (sorry if this is TMI) I was pretty sure my butt was going to just explode. It was nearly impossible not to push.

Eventually, the pushing started, though. The progress was slow like everything else. His head was at an awkward angle, and he was having trouble making it beyond my pubic bone. When the doctor came in, she tried to redirect him repeatedly without much lasting success. The threat of a c-section was still hanging over us, but she let me keep working. It was absolutely exhausting. I wasn’t sure I could keep going, but there was also much more relief in pushing than in fighting it. She performed an episiotomy just to make things any degree easier possible.

Finally, after about 2 hours of pushing, Jonah Eckert Day was born at 2:56 AM on February 17, 2012.

He cried. He was covered in meconium. He was finally here.

As Mitch has said, we spent nearly a year planning for a natural birth, and we ultimately had almost every medical intervention possible. And you know what? I’m not disappointed at all. I think we made every right decision. My experience isn’t what I imagined, but I have my baby here in my lap. I feel pretty good. He’s perfect.

8 lbs 9 oz -- 21.5 in

What Does Cause Labor…


We intended to go to Carrabba’s for Valentine’s, but (as I expected) the wait was over an hour. I was a nine-month pregnant woman, and that wait was not going to work for me. We thought about where we could go and settled on sushi. We’d been to a great little place once before, but we never went back because a different place was always running good deals.

We got there, and while they weren’t dead, there were still open tables. We had a delicious spread consisting of (now take notes for when you’re ready to pop):

– Asparagus Rolls
– Oshinko Rolls
– Tofu Rolls w/Miso Sauce
– Sweet Potato Tempura & Avocado Rolls (Amazing)
– Avocado Rolls w/Miso Sauce

As you can see, they’re very vegan-friendly.

Here’s the final touch: At the end of the night, Jimmy, the owner, came around with roses for all the ladies. He gave me my rose, touched my belly, and labor started within hours.

Jimmy’s Sushi
5731 Seminole Blvd.

Thank you, Jimmy!

The Magic Labor Rose (Which has about an inch of new growth since we've come home).

The birth story will be up soon I hope. It’s a long one!

Things That Don’t Start Labor

– Laughing

– Bouncing/Rocking on a Birthing Ball

– Apples to Apples

– Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

– Making Plans

– Spicy Curry

– Someone Pointing at You and Saying, “Labor!”

– Pineapple

– Eating So Much Food There Isn’t Room for Baby

– Taking a Walk

– Dancing in the Shower

– Scrubbing Your Floors (Along with Everything Else in the House)

At least in my experience…

In the Zone

So at 37 weeks, I’m officially allowed to have Jonah at Breath of Life, not that I think he has any intention of showing up early.

I think we’re pretty ready. The nursery is mostly done, just need curtains and a rug, but he won’t be in there much at first anyway. We have most of the supplies we’ll need, and everything we should need immediately. We just have to figure out what food to bring to the birth center. I need good energy foods that I’ll actually want to eat, and something nutritious and delicious for afterward. It’s a tough one because most people have had their babies in the hospital where they weren’t allowed food. The birth center can only be so much help because they aren’t used to making recommendations for vegans. Still any suggestions are welcome!

I Love Yard Sales!

I think that as we wait for Jonah to arrive, yard sale Saturday has become the highlight of my week.

Cute Little Bath Robe

A Boppy Too!

Snack Holders

Tiny Baby Shoes!

Adorable Rocking Giraffe for the Nursery!

I almost didn’t get the giraffe. I actually went back for it, but it was only $5!

I found some great deals on Craigslist and at my FAVORITE baby store StellieBellies.

Jonah Can Bathe in the Whale 😛 - Craigslist $8

A $35 Lamp for Under $5 (After my $10 Off Punch Card)

I’m a little worried now. I don’t know what else I need anymore except more clothes!

We got some cute onesies from Courtney. Well, mostly they’re for Mitch to enjoy.

And I made these for a derby friend’s new baby girl.

Getting Things Settled

This has been the week of finalizing things. It’s kind of crazy to think I could have the baby in a week, or it could take another six (please not another six!). We’ve taken our childbirth class through Blue Moon Birth. I had another midwife appointment where we got a bunch of paperwork to fill out.

We also toured the pediatrician’s office. We decided to go with Ellis Pediatrics. They’re less than a mile from our house, and they’re comfortable working with someone delivering at a birth center instead of a hospital. We called two offices before them, and they immediately turned us away because we’re not having a hospital birth. Oh well. The doctors and office staff seem nice.

I went yard saling the past two weekends and picked up some great deals. A cart cover for $3, My Brest Friend for $2, Bumbo chair for $5, breathable bumper for $.75, and lots of cute clothes. Still hoping to find a good bath, maybe a Boppy, diaper bag, etc.

Some Yard Sale Finds

Cute Towels

We have another meeting with our doula next week and another midwife appointment. I’m starting to pack my bag.

The Bag

I bought a couple sports bras, but I still need to get a couple more things.

Are there things I’m not going to think of that you want to share??

Boppy vs. My Brest Friend

We’re trying to decide on a breastfeeding pillow. I kind of just figured I would go with the Boppy because it looks simpler and more comfortable. Mitch seems to think the Brest Friend is a better choice though. It looks bulky to me, but I don’t know. Looking online, it seems like the Brest Friend gets better reviews. The Boppy is winning on my Facebook though. What are your thoughts?



My Brest Friend?

Happy New Year!

Well, we’re in week 35. Thankfully, Christmas does not seem to have added too much to the bump.

Week 34 - Post Christmas Bump

Week 35 - Happy New Year!

I can’t say that I’m making lots of resolutions, but I would say I have goals for 2012:

– Start a garden

– Maintain a 4.0

– Finish my knitting projects

Like the blankie

– Get into awesome derby shape and kick ass on the track

– Volunteer more

– Compost

– Be the best mom ever