Back in Action!

by Sara

Well, I got the all-clear from the doctor, and last night, Vegta Bully finally made her return to roller derby.

It was awkward to say the least. New skates, 15 extra lbs, seven months off wheels, and general out-of-shapedness made it a challenge, but I had such a good time. Even if my feet need to be reconditioned, it is great to have skates that fit.

The R3’s are one of the cheap Riedell models, BUT they’re all man-made materials. When I upgrade to better skates some day, they can also replace any of their leather models with clarino. I also grabbed a set of vegan toe guards from Sin City Skates. It sucked to pay as much as I did in shipping, but no one seems to carry the vegan ones in stock. Oh well, at least they make them! I fancied up the package with Heartless wheels and Gumball toe stops. It was a great deal from Roller Girl Skates, and I got 10% off!

I fell a lot, but that’s derby. I was able to get one hit in. I’m sure she fell just to make me feel good about myself. You can judge for yourself in this video from Leigh Armstrong.

Deadly Rival Roller Derby Promo Short

(Hopefully that works.)

I’m really hoping that I can lose the baby weight and then some. My current goal is 20 lbs by the end of June. Whatever happens, though, I’m so happy to be back!